Our Services include Pressure Washing, Painting, Sealing, Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning,Property Maintenance Clean-Ups, and Much More!

Pressure Washing

Tidal Pro Wash has been pressure washing homes across the Panhandle for several years. Our customers consistently give us 5-star reviews due to a number of reasons. We are professional, affordable, and quick. This combination has given us the experience it takes to be your #1 local pressure washer. Give us a chance and you will see that you when you use Tidal Pro Wash Trust the Best!


Many people believe pressure washing is easy so new pressure washing businesses pop up seemingly every day. Unfortunately for their customers, their lack of experience and knowledge often lead to costly mistakes or long term damage to your home. This is why we use only environmentally friendly materials and never use harsh chemicals.  We are a local owner-operated company where you always know you are getting hands on care.

Roof Cleaning

Allow Tidal Pro Wash to provide you with roof cleaning for your home. It can be quite dangerous for you to clean your own roof. An inexperienced person who tries to clean a roof may cause permanent damage to it. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees are trained to treat your roof stains in safe manner without damaging your roof.


We are your roof cleaning experts. We know the causes for stains on your roof and the best way to treat them. We use the proper equipment and materials to give your roof the best shine. Our materials are all biodegradable and environmentally safe. Call us today at 850.502.0752 in order to get your free quote on roof cleaning today.

Painting & Sealing

In addition to our pressure washing services, Tidal Pro Wash can also help you with your painting needs. We specialize in minor exterior or interior painting jobs. We can help you with paint that needs to be applied to repairs in your home or from other instances. Contact us today at 850.502.0752 to see if we can help you with your painting needs.

Tidal Pro Wash wants to help you with all of your Sealing needs for your home. Sealing the wood and other materials on your property keep the moisture out. When moisture is allowed to seep inside of your home materials, it can create mold and mildew. When those fester it can cause serious long term damage to your property. 


Contact tidal pro wash for all of your Staining needs. Some of our customers believe that staining is all about aesthetics, but there is much more to staining than the way your property looks. When applied properly, stain can add a protective barrier to your wood that resists dust, dirt, & condensation.

Property Maintainence

tidal Pro Wash works closely with Home Owners Associations (HOA) and Property Management Companies in order to save managers time and effort in taking care of their property. We can conduct regular cleanings and maintenance trips to make sure your property is in prime condition. Dealing with one company will save you a lot of headaches instead of trying to patchwork different services to care for your tenants.


We will agree on a monthly fee and all of your maintenance needs will be taken care of. This will help you save time and money because you won’t have to buy the latest tools or equipment because The Best Wash will take care of everything for you. You can feel free to trust us with your Property Maintenance needs. The Best Wash has both the experience and knowledge to become your property maintenance solution.